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21 December 2023

More Awareness for ME/CFS

More Awareness for ME/CFS


ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) is a severe neuroimmunological multisystem disease that usually leads to considerable physical limitations and thus to the loss of the ability to work and the need for care. On average, the quality of life of those affected is worse than with lung cancer.
There are between 17 and 30 million people with ME/CFS worldwide, at least 250,000 of them live in Germany.

The German Society for ME/CFS can be reached online at

Why does hardly anyone know this?
Many of those affected are so ill that they disappear into dark rooms and are thus excluded from public life. This makes them invisible to society.

Are there any therapies?
There is no single causal therapy and no medication for ME/CFS. There are also virtually no medical contact points and hardly any research.
As many doctors and health insurers are unaware of ME/CFS, those affected often receive no support at all.

How can you help right now?
The lack of awareness is a huge problem. You can do something effective about it right now! Please inform yourself and talk to friends, acquaintances, family and work colleagues about ME/CFS. As ME/CFS becomes more widely known, policy and research must respond. The following reports and documentaries on ME/CFS are a good example:

Austrian Society for ME/CFS
We make ME/CFS visible!
German Society for ME/CFS
Swiss Society for ME & CFS
The Fatigue Center of the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
Medical University of Vienna - CCCFS - What is it?

What does dox42 do?
We also try to raise awareness. We have also made a donation of €1042 to the Austrian Society for ME/CFS, which directly supports research into ME/CFS and those affected.

Link to Arte Documentation: "Die rätselhafte Krankheit – Leben mit ME/CFS" (in German)

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