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19 December 2023

Meet our new dox42 Experts

Meet our new dox42 Experts

In collaboration with our customers and partners we often meet people that truly impress us with their dox42 knowhow and their ability to help others use dox42 ideally. An astonishing effort that we want to award. Introducing the dox42 Experts program we would like to support those that affect the communities positively through their commitment and knowhow.

We are happy to welcome Jasmin Uhde, from nteam, who is known for her excellent consulting on document automation with Power Automate and the integration of dox42 in solutions based on SharePoint & Dynamics 365 as well as the integration of dox42 in customer specific individual solutions, as a dox42 expert. (Not to be underestimated are her skills in creating large Word files from multiple Dataverse tables and creating XML files from multiple Dataverse tables).

Also Mikael Gjesing and Jacob Sundahl, from ntt data, have also distinguished themselves as dox42 Experts. Mikael designed and built an extension for SuccessFactors with dox42, as well as intelligent ways of linking to dox42 to obtain dynamic behaviours. Jacob excelled in creating an API call structure to read data from SuccessFactors to be used in dox42, as well as simplifying the method for accessing SuccessFactors from dox42 with OAuth 2.0.

We are pleased to welcome Mikhail Klimenko, from cegeka, who has proven himself through the consulting and implementation of complex Microsoft Dynamics 365 documents as well as through the dox42 integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations AX, as a dox42 Expert.

Michael Hertel, Managing Consultant at Alight Consulting, has also distinguished himself as a dox42 Expert through his experience with dynamic template mapping and the integration of SharePoint, Dynamics365, JSON and the integration of M365 including Power Automate.

Welcome to our new dox42 Experts! Thank you for your extraordinary knowledge, skill, and commitment in implementing dox42!

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