Automate your travel ticket| Sample Template

Travel Ticket

The sample template travel ticket shows you, how it's possible to create automated and individual documents with dox42! Suitable connecting trains, flights or buses and a dynamic map - depending on parameters such as place of arrival -, as well as individual advertisements - depending on the time of arrival - are integrated dynamically. That's how the travel ticket becomes not only a ticket but a valuable travel document for the travellers.

For this example, you will need:
  • Word 2007 and newer
  • Your installed and activated dox42 Enterprise Add-In (release 3.3 or higher)

Enjoy experimenting!


This template shows the following dox42 capabilities

  • Integration of XML data
  • Dynamic integration of additional information (google map, link, further connections)
  • Advertisement is integrated as separate and independent word document, depending on place and time of arrival
  • Dynamic tables