Automate a Confirmation of a Sports Shop Order | Sample Template

order confirmation

You always wanted to insert a table into your Word template, which also expands dynamically? In the sample template Order Confirmation, the table adds a new row for every record in your data source. You can even watch our video to see how to build this dox42 template from scratch!

For this example, you will need:
  • Word 2007 and newer
  • Your installed and activated dox42 Add-In (release 2.0 or higher)

Enjoy experimenting!


This template shows the following dox42 capabilities

  • Dynamic table: for each record, a new row is added to your table
  • Data field type: format the data fields as image, currency or however individual you like
  • Drop-down lists for input parameters
  • Dynamic field in the data map: for calculating total and grand sums
  • Dynamic linking of images (product thumbnails)