Automate Health Report | Sample Template

health report sample template

With mobile devices, patients autonomously record their blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and electrical activity of the heart (ECG). This data is sent automatically to a database and forms the basis for a monthly health report. This also includes the attending physician's registered patient-specific limits and the patient's evaluated subjective well-being.

All measured values (fictional) are stored in a database (Health_Report_Data.mdb), later taken over to an Excel file, which edits and visualises the data with diagrams (Health_Report_Results.xlsx). The report summarises all data in a structured way and may be generated either in German (Health_Report_DE.docx) or English (Health_Report_EN.docx).

See for yourself: ZIP sample template Health Report

For this example, you will need:

  • Word 2007 and newer
  • Excel 2007 and newer
  • Your installed and activated dox42 Add-In (release 3.0 or higher)

Enjoy experimenting!


This template shows the following dox42 capabilities

  • Use one and the same Data Map for the Word and Excel report
  • Design and base the data for your diagrams in Excel (measured values will be taken over from Access)
  • Import the diagrams from Excel into the Word report
  • Registry for physician to enter references and limits (Health_Report_Medical_Reference.xlsx)
  • Notation for battery charge status of mobile devices (Data field Image Map: numerical value will be depicted as a symbol)
  • Excel completely bi-lingual, Word optional in DE or EN