dox42 Christmas Greetings

Santa Claus

'On first sight, everything was prepared perfectly. dox42 NAV Document Creator was connected with our Excel Bad-or-Good calculator in SharePoint and Google Maps was integrated in our dox42-generated shipment delivery plans. But as the wish lists from all parts of the world started pouring in, and the elves in the Christmas factory were about to start tinkering the presents, it suddenly happened!

The small elves came running desperately and shouting “Where do I find a handicraft instruction for PEACE? Please, how do I combine SECURITY and HAPPINESS? How should I craft CONFIDENCE? We’ll never be able to make these gifts alone, we really need help from the humans!”

First I thought, we can manage it with dox42, without a problem. After all, peace has got a lot to do with documents – just think about the Treaty of Kadesch, the world’s oldest peace treaty.
Unfortunately, dox42 does not support stone carved hieroglyphs nor baked clay tablets as output formats. “Does not matter at all” said the Boss almighty, “Because peace starts with the heart”.
This reminded me of a quote from Albus Dumbledore: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Might the light of peace, safety, happiness and confidence shine upon you. And if you can embrace this light to shine for others as well, you would be of great help to our little elves!
With all my heart I wish you a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. '

Santa Claus
CEO Christmas Factory


Welcome to the dox42 partner network:

The system house operates companies in the German-speaking area. Customers with more than 750 projects in more than 100 countries in the world are working with NAVAX company solutions in the fields of ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, Controlling & Budgeting as well as Collaboration & Mobility.

As leading partner for Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Azure, BizTalk and Power BI novaCapta designs, realises and runs Intranets, Portals, Business Intelligence-Solutions as well as individual applications for Digital Workplace Solutions.

As a specialised IT service provider, ORBIT offers customised complete support with the help of state-of-the-art project management methods and agile software development – from datacentres to needs-based collaboration – as well as business intelligence solutions and managed services. In this regard, ORBIT maintains close partnerships with selected manufacturers.

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for Operations

Generate documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations: The new module dox42 for Operations enables its users individual and intuitive creation of new or already existing reports in Microsoft Office, with full use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations data, security and business logic. Read all about the new module
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