By using dox42 we are flexible with site-specific certificate formulations and can save costs

The Austrian High School in Prague is a 6-year school with about 300 students and 34 teachers. In the 3rd to 6th grades, an Austrian certificate is issued in addition to the Czech certificate. This enables the students to study in the Czech Republic and Austria.

A few years ago, the school was faced with the decision to either purchase a certificate program with annual fees or to look for alternatives that would be more cost-effective. The decision was made to go with dox42, as there were only one-time costs associated with the purchase. Moreover, by linking the two programs Access and Word, even non-technical users who are able to use Office can enter grades and create report cards.

The installation of dox42 was very easy and there was already an official report card template available, which was further developed. Over time, this report template was adapted so that the Matura certificate and annual reports as well as grade overviews could be created. In case of problems, the dox42 support is always available. The support was always solution-oriented and fast.

With the help of dox42 it is easy to adapt the certificates to the special situation of an Austrian school abroad. Location-specific clauses can be made very easily in Word.

Due to its ease of use and flexibility, dox42 has proven its worth for 7 years at the Austrian High School in Prague.

Hannes Rechberger

Teacher Mathematics and Computer Science @ OEGP