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We chose dox42 for its seamless integration with both D365 CE and FO

Every day, VAB provides essential support to around 3 million drivers in Belgium, ensuring their safety on the roads. Offering a wide range of services, including travel assistance, driving schools, car training, and more, VAB strives to enhance mobility and keep people safely on the move.

Given that we are working with both Dynamics 365 CE and FO systems, it was crucial for us to find a document generation solution that could effectively integrate with both platforms. Our key requirement was the capability to generate, send, and archive all customer-facing documents, such as complex contract documents or purchase confirmation emails, from a centralized application using Power Automate triggers. It was equally important for these documents to have an appealing design while integrating information from both CE and FO without creating any redundant data in the systems.

Together with our implementation partner, KPMG Belgium, we conducted an extensive evaluation of various tools and found dox42. It has proven to be the best and most suitable solution on the market, meeting all our requirements.

Geert Clijsters

Administration Director @ VAB

Geert Clijsters - Administration Director at VAB