Winning Projects - Bidding and Delivering in the Digital Age

Webinar with dox42 and 28Hands

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In professional services you are working long hours on RFPs and project deliverables?

Meanwhile…welcome to competition overdrive. Your quotas for billable hours are going up, at the same time an increasingly aggressive global market is driving margins down. We’ve seen many firms seeking new efficiencies in order  to stay competitive, while coping with the changing landscape of doing business in the digital age.

Does this sound familiar?
Want to know how leading professional services firms go about:

·       Cutting hours out of the RFP response process
·       Improving the quality of deliverables and avoiding errors
·       Increasing customer satisfaction and spending more time with clients

Join the webinar on November 28th and discover how the latest technology of mail management and automatic document creation can work for you and complement your strengths. Your presenters will be Jacob Wardrop and Johannes Linder.


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12:30-13:30 GMT

Webinar in English
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