Segic’s mission is to help organizations manage their group insurance and health plans more efficiently and profitably using an exclusive innovative technology platform. The platform gives the entire organization the ability to take charge of its group plan and implement a true prevention strategy, while targeting the issues that matter most to the organization and plan participants. The self-management tools offered by Segic are based on fair insured value and accompanied by a health program led by our health services partners.

The platform’s cloud-based design and delivery in software as a service (SaaS) mode make it an ideal solution.

The Segic platform is the strong foundation a business model needs to innovate and stay on the cutting edge to provide the best service to clients.

Its greatest strength lies in the wide range of applications available through the Segic Platform Marketplace. These enable stakeholders to adapt to the full value chain and implement technology consistent with the Segic platform.

Each application and partner has been carefully selected to expand the Segic platform’s capabilities to various sectors complementary to the benefits, and group insurance and health sectors. dox42 is now part of the segic platform marketplace to automate document generation.