Established in 2001 by Joel Jeffery and Jon Silver, JFDI Consulting is a consultancy like no other. Ethical, principled and trustworthy – JFDI works mostly with a select few long-term clients, aiming to look after their best interests as well as supporting the 17 UN Global Goals. JFDI strongly advocates automation solutions which improve peoples’ lives and support sustainability. JFDI people are experts in many diverse fields including collaboration, cloud/serverless computing, workflow, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IoT/Industry 4.0, software engineering, electronics and 3D printing.

JFDI is continually innovating – with several unique automation product and service offerings, including Bobb – an award-nominated real-time/time-series data workflow engine invaluable for running smart environments (Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, Smart Farms, Smart Factories) and building context-rich machine learning models. JFDI is based in Brighton UK, has 10 long-term employees and is a long-time Microsoft Gold Partner.

" What dox42 partnership means to us: dox42 is simply the best-of-breed document generation platform, able to integrate data from any source. JFDI is proud to be a dox42 partner, adding dox42’s impressive set of document generation capabilities to our clients’ automation armoury."