Cegeka is a leading European provider of IT solutions. The family-owned IT company specializes, in close cooperation with their partners and customers, in multi-cloud solutions, cloud orchestration, outsourcing, cybersecurity and the optimization of applications, infrastructure and business processes. Cegeka also focuses on setting up mobile private networks (MPNs) in a business environment.

When it comes to business processes and digital transformations, the team of Business Solutions helps organizations - both large and small - to become connected companies so they can pick up the pace with the competition and be innovative in a rapidly changing world. By combining in-depth sector knowledge with unparalleled know-how of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the market-leading technology for intelligent business applications, customers can rely on a stable partner who knows and understands the market to optimize operations, engage customers, and empower employees - today and tomorrow.

As a dox42 partner, Cegeka Business Solutions ensures seamless integration of dox42 in Microsoft Dynamics 365. This integration leads to a considerable simplification of the report design through the use of Microsoft Word, with full use of the Dynamics 365 ERP business logic and data - without any report programming! This means that any number of reports and forms can be created easily and efficiently - by the customers themselves. The reports can then be called up directly in Microsoft ERP in the usual process.

Cegeka considers dox42 to be an ideal supplement to Microsoft ERP. Time and money can be saved due to the simple process of generating documents, its flexibility and the adaptability to customer needs. All of these in the initial implementation project as well as in ongoing operation and the further development of the ERP system.

For Cegeka Business Solutions, implementing dox42 in their ERP projects provides a significant competitive advantage and offers great benefits to its customers.

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