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Expertise in

  • Integration of dox42 in products from d.velop AG (d.velop documents and d.3ecm)
  • Integration of dox42 in SharePoint, both on prem from 2010 and online
  • Automation of the provision of customer documents by email or in cloud systems
  • Integration of dox42 in various workflow environments such as Nintex, Power Automate and d.3ecm workflows
  • Template management for production companies via dox42 Live
  • Development of dox42 custom output actions in general and especially for products from d.velop AG (including dox42 app for the d.velop cloud)


(In German)  Dokumente automatisiert erstellen, revisionssicher archivieren im Zusammenspiel von dox42 und d.3ecm

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Joachim Pfeifer

  • CEO
  • Alpin IT

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