Automate Document Generation in a Workflow


Documents are one of the most important means of communications for a company with its customers. That's why they should be fast and easy to create. However, the documents should still focus on the individual customer. Therefore, the manual document creation - copy & paste - is often used.
The manual approach is flexible, but error-prone, time-consuming and slow.


dox42 enables you to create individual, high-quality documents in up-to-date corporate design with current and correct data automatically - within seconds. No more texts or calculations need to be inserted manually – dox42 does the work for you. What is more, dox42 increases your flexibility tremendously, as you can integrate multiple data sources into one template. This way you eliminate mistakes, prevent image damages and have time for the essentials tasks of your job again!

You can  download Nintex Workflow Utilities for free, to generate documents in a Nintex Workflow in a very uncomplicated and easy way.

"Public Administration invested in Nintex Workflow and dox42 document automation to addresse its needs."

Case Study: Public Administration Boosts Automation, Improving Productivity & Public Service

Case Study Nintex dox42

Nintex & dox42 Case Study

Government Principality of Liechtenstein

"dox42 is an ideal extension to Nintex Workflow!"

Felix Gremlich

Felix Gremlich
Regional Sales Director –
DACH, Northern and Eastern Europe

dox42 Advantages

  • Document generation directly in workflows
  • Right documents with correct data to correct recipient
  • Send documents via E-mail and/or save to SharePoint
  • No manual document creation, seamlessly integrated
  • Create individual, high-quality documents in up-to-date corporate design automatically

Real-life story...

Brigitte from the HR-department already gets worry lines on her forehead when she's thinking about the spring - hundreds of job applications for internships are going to wait for her. But instead of focusing on her task - conducting the interviews in order to find the brightest people for her company - she has to cope with a plethora of documents. It's already a great help, that the whole process is handled with SharePoint this year. This way, they most probably won't lose any applications like last year - that was really embarrassing. However, after the heads of the departments have taken their decision about the applications, Brigitte is for sure going to sit in her office until late in the night - writing invitations for interviews, with the map of their places of employment, writing employment agreements and rejection letters. From experience, Brigitte already knows that it's best to do this work while it's quiet in the office, because "While doing this routine work I really have to concentrate that I don't make any mistakes.", she says.
But this year, everything changes! Brigitte's colleague told her about dox42:"Actually, all information you need is already in SharePoint! Why don't you just generate all those documents you manually create automatically at the end of the workflow and send them to the applicants right away?"