Automate Mail Merge with dox42


The standard MS mail merge function is a practical and popular tool to personalize simple data from one data source. Mail merge, however, has its boundaries when multiple data sources, text modules or barcodes need to be integrated.
What is more, standard serial letters can only be generated in MS Word. If you need to create documents automatically in a workflow, in large quantities or simply in PDF, better use dox42!


dox42 enables you to integrate data from multiple data sources (Database, WebServices, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® SharePoint, XML/JSON, Custom). Barcodes, dynamic charts, text modules, tables and images can be integrated in automated documents easily and without programming.

dox42 enables you to generate and send documents locally as well as server-based in any output format and large amounts.

´[..] Within a very short period of time we were able to launch the fishing licence , which was the very first seamlessly integrated and fully electronically generated eGov-application scenario, online. In this process dox42 automatically generates the fishing license, which is then offered to our customers as a PDF document. [...]`

Roland Egli

Roland Egli
Head of Platform & Application Management
Department for Information Technology and Organisation
Canton Solothurn

dox42 Advantages

  • Generate documents locally or server-based
  • Document generation directly from websites, workflows, CRM-systems or applications
  • Create individual, high-quality documents in up-to-date corporate design automatically with text blocks
  • Various output formats (PDF, E-Mail, SharePoint,..)
  • Large amounts
  • Integrate data from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Start with existing Word or Excel documents to build templates

Real-life story...

Marianne is the responsible official in a large department in public administrations. Among other things, her task is the regular customer communication. Marianne usually handles this task with the mail merge function, which automatically integrates the contact data from a database into the document. That already works out fine. However, Marianne also needs data from Excel for her letters. And so she has to go over each and every letter manually to integrate those data. And this really takes a lot of time. "If there would only exist a tool, that enabled me to integrate data from various data sources simultaneously - yes, then I would have time again for the essential tasks of my work."

Thank god there's dox42!