Replace VBA Macros for Document Automation with dox42


VBA Macros are widely used to automate frequently used procedures.

However, document automation with macros has its boundaries when it comes to flexibility. In a plethora of macros, maintenance becomes a problem. What is more, documents with macros can only be generated locally in Word. If you need to create documents automatically in a workflow, your website or in large quantities, better use dox42! Otherwise VBA Macros could become a functional dead-end road for your company.


dox42 enables you to generate and send documents locally as well as server-based in any output format and large amounts - integrated flexibly in your workflows, websites, CRM-system or applications. Barcodes, dynamic charts, text modules, tables and images can be integrated easily and without programming. The intuitive surface of the dox42 Office Add-Ins enables you to maintain and extend the automation of your documents easily.

´[...] That’s why we invested in dox42 and already implemented dox42 in various departments of the EAA-EnergieAllianz Austria. Whether it comes to sending automatized documents per mail, PDF-documents or even whole websites - with dox42, all thinkable tasks can be implemented quickly and easily. A further advantage is, that the majority of alterations can be handled easily by the departments themselves without the need for IT-support. [...]`

Wolfram Bürgel

Wolfram Bürgel
IT Leiter
EnergieAllianz Austria

dox42 Advantages

  • Easy to maintain
  • Generate documents locally or server-based
  • Document generation directly from websites, workflows, CRM-systems or applications
  • Create individual, high-quality documents in up-to-date corporate design automatically
  • Various output formats (PDF, E-Mail, SharePoint,..)
  • Large amounts
  • Start with existing Word or Excel documents to build templates

Real-life story...

"Heinz, could you help me please?" Heinz, the allround IT specialist in his company, is already used to this sentence. With great pleasure and a lot of VBA Macros he supports his colleagues in all technical matters. Because he's doing his work so well, he sees himself confronted with more and more requests, which he is not able to accomplish with macros any more. Furthermore, he is starting to lose an overview dealing with the maintenance and documentation of the large amount of macros. By the time Heinz has to stay at home for 3 weeks after a skiing accident and his colleague Markus takes over his tasks, pure chaos appears.

When consulting his boss about how to solve this problem, both are at a loss. But then they discover dox42..