GDPR Subject Access Request


With the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) many new obligations, such as the Subject Access Request and reports about data processing lie ahead for all businesses storing data of European Union citizens.

On request, you need to provide all personal identifiable information you process of a subject as well as all means of that processing. Doing this efficiently and accurate is essential – if you are not able to fulfill the new obligations or provide an answer after the legally defined period of 30 days, fees amounting up to 4 million EUR might be imposed on you.

Many companies store and process their customers’ and former employees’ personal data in different systems, therefore know where the data is stored, but how they extract and pull it together to a single document remains an issue – if not the biggest challenge to many. If you do not have the right procedures and tools available, this turns into a multiple hour long, manual process, making you prone to mistakes. Also, what happens if the regulation changes or you modify and grow your systems landscape? Would you be flexible enough to react fast?


Thanks to dox42 you can fulfill GDPR Subject Access Requests fast, flexible, error free and lawful. With just a few clicks, you can respond to a request, eliminate manual work and unexpected mass requests do not pose a problem for you.

dox42 has created a Subject Access Request sample template based on ICO input for you. This template enables you to not only start, but to be a step ahead towards fulfilling the GDPR regulations. Furthermore, in conjunction with some of our partners, dox42 offers the possibility to automate your procedural directory (so far in German only). Contact us to receive further information.

"dox42 has taken the first step towards automating Subject Access Requests for you and has created a template that you can download and use at no cost."

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GDPR Are You Ready

dox42 Advantages
  • Automatically fulfill GDPR Subject Access Request, data breach notifications and procedural directories
  • Flexible data integration
  • Respond quickly  to the new legal landscape and adapt to changes in future
  • Fulfill mass requests fast and efficient
  • Seamless integration into your systems
  • Template design in MS Office by your data protection officers