Document Generation in an end-to-end solution with dox42


End-to-end solutions are specialized in their specific domain, but not in document assembly. In order to generate documents from an end-to-end system, all necessary data have to be imported first (e.g. contacts from CRM-system). This leads to data redundancy and unnecessary complexity. If more complete systems are in use, a consistent corporate design and text modules used across the company are only realizable through customizing. Experience has shown, however, that customizing a full fletched solution depends on the flexibility, release plans and pricing of the vendor (vendor lock-in).

Companies which are responsive to trends in the market fast and on short notice (e.g. through individual and customized offers directly in the document), are able to realize tremendous competitive advantages. This is because customers read their credit agreements or their flight tickets way more thoroughly than any newsletter. Make use of this chance with dox42!


dox42 can integrate data from multiple complete solutions in automated documents. Barcodes, dynamic charts, text blocks, tables and images can be integrated easily and without programming. What is more, you can handle your corporate design easily. The intuitive surface of the dox42 Office Add-Ins enables you to maintain and extend the automation of your documents easily.

With dox42, documents can be modified fast, easy and completely independent from your end-to-end solution. Thereby you are completely independent from the manufacturer (vendor lock-in), as additional functions do not need to be implemented in the complete system - they can be realized from your internal IT department or your competent IT service provider.
With dox42 you create documents that fascinate your customers!

´[...] dox42 enables us to generate tailored documents, like offers or instant insurance policies, for each and every customer individually and swiftly. Thereby, dox42 integrates perfectly into the flexibility of our mobile platform independent solutions. [...]`

Michael Gesselbauer

Michael Gesselbauer
Company Organisation & Projekt Management
VAV Insurance

dox42 Advantages

  • Create individual, high-quality documents from multiple complete solutions in up-to-date corporate design automatically
  • Integrate data from multiple sources simultaneously
  • Print individual offers automatically
  • Automate your Customer Communications Management intelligently
  • React to new trends in the market fast and flexibly
  • Independent of the manufacturer

Real-life story...

Max just took over the sales management in his insurance company and he is totally enthusiastic about it. Filled with verve he is starting his first week. He already has a lot of great ideas, which he would like to implement. Max is aware of the fact, that premium consultation and the right offer are extremely important. That's because the offer is the document, that potential customers will take home and read over several times. Max thinks, that this offer could be created much more informative, individual and appealing! The problem: the offer is generated directly from a complete system. And Max can't change anything about the design. "We have to talk to the manufacturer first, and that takes time... Better just leave it as it is right now." - the sobering response of the IT-department.

It would be a pity, if this competitive advantage wouldn't be used. Great, that Max just read about dox42 lately! Great, that Max just read about dox42 lately!