Document Generation with dox42 instead of Copy/Paste


Documents are one of the most important means of communications for a company with its customers. That's why they should be fast and easy to create. However, the documents should still focus on the individual customer. Therefore, the manual document creation - copy & paste - is often used.
The manual approach is flexible, but error-prone, time-consuming and slow.


dox42 enables you to create individual, high-quality documents in up-to-date corporate design with current and correct data automatically - within seconds. No more texts or calculations need to be inserted manually – dox42 does the work for you. What is more, dox42 increases your flexibility tremendously, as you can integrate multiple data sources into one template. This way you eliminate mistakes, prevent image damages and have time for the essentials tasks of your job again!

´[...] Since the required documents are not created manually any more, it is possible to save a lot of time. Furthermore, this time benefits our customers, as their concerns can be processed much faster.[...]`

Philippe E.P. Kälin

Philippe E.P. Kälin
Department of Economic Affairs
Department for Economy and Labor
Canton Zug

dox42 Advantages
  • Create individual, high-quality documents in up-to-date corporate design automatically
  • Eliminate mistakes
  • Be flexible again
  • Save a lot of time
  • Integrate data from any data source
  • Document generation directly from websites, workflows, CRM-systems or applications
  • Start with existing Word or Excel documents to build templates

Real-life story...

Marie doesn't feel very well lately and decides to see a doctor. The diagnosis has never been that pleasant before: Marie is expecting a child! However, as she picks up her medical findings, she is confused. The report is issued in her name, but it is stated, that she has to be hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy. Marie asks the reception lady, who turns red immediately and apologizes a thousand times. "You know, I have to do so many things simultaneously - answer calls, register patients, issue medical findings,... I suppose, I must have forgotten to exchange the text module. I'm so sorry!" Still with a bright smile spread over her face, Marie replies: "In this case I'm really glad that it was just a mistake, but I have a recommendation for the future: have you ever heard of dox42?" ...