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Do you know the resources your team spends on manual document creation, risking costly errors? Manual tasks distract from strategic efforts, increasing operational costs. Let dox42 handle your document creation processes and become one of 600+ companies that have achieved a 3-month ROI with automated document generation.

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dox42 Document Automation in the Cloud

Intuitive Management

Intuitive Management

Access your dox42 Online settings through the dox42 Management UI and set up your dox42 Online Server with just a few clicks. No manual installation, updates or patches are required.

Unlimited users

Unlimited users

With dox42 Online an unlimited number of users generate documents right from your applications (SharePoint, D365, SAP, PowerApps…) as dox42 integrates natively in all of them. dox42 document automation thus also guarantees easy navigation for business users, saving time, costs and nerves.

Quick Roll-Out

Quick Roll-Out

Through the time-saving set-up of dox42 Online, you will save valuable resources. You will generate and send up to 100.000 documents per month starting from 590.- with our standard licensing.

High performance document generation

High performance document generation

Use dox42 Online for high-performance document automation. With our load balanced platform, there is no limit on how many documents you can create with dox42.

Secure and safe

Secure and safe

Secure in the cloud with impersonation through Microsoft Entra ID. dox42 Online does not store any data and uses end-to-end encryption.

Flexible no-code data integration from all systems

Flexible no-code data integration from all systems

Connect all your systems without code. Integrate data from Dynamics 365 FO | AX, CE | CRM | Dataverse , BC | NAV, SAP, SharePoint, Teams, databases, web services, workflows, and many more.


dox42 integrates with leading technologies

MS Word
MS Excel
MS Powerpoint
MS Dynamics
MS Dynamics Finance & Operations
MS Dynamics Business Central
MS Teams
MS Sharepoint
MS Flow
MS Dataverse
MS Power Apps

How did 600+ companies realize a 3-month ROI with dox42 Document Automation?

Template design in Microsoft Office


Create and edit templates in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint using the dox42 Add-Ins. Insert the required data fields with drag & drop, move them flexibly to the desired position and layout the document with the familiar Microsoft 365 Office functionalities. By using conditions, automated ranges, dynamic tables, images & more, you easily realize even complex document requirements.


Flexible data integration with dox42


Integrate data seamlessly and without any programming from leading platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, SAP and many more into your custom templates. Combine different data sources in one document and rely on dox42 to automatically manage the dependencies between all data.

Generate documents where you need them


Trigger the creation of documents directly from your system or by a workflow. The flexible web service integration allows you to call dox42 documents from any application. Generate documents individually or in batches as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PDF/A, PDF Forms, HTML, .msg or any other file type. Save to Microsoft SharePoint or any other document management system. Print, add electronic signatures or send emails – everything is possible, dox42 supports all common output formats.

Realize a 3-month ROI with dox42


Free your team from manual document creation and empower them to focus on their core tasks again. Realize a ROI within three months, due to increased productivity, error mitigation, and time saved. Calculate your expected ROI now.