... and I am amazed by the options that this tool offers me

The first cost estimates for modifying the forms in AX made it clear to me that we needed to look for alternatives. dox42 for AX allowed me to design the documents based entirely on my own ideas and concepts, in Microsoft Word, completely intuitively and with minimal time and cost inputs.

It was also important for me that there is no difference for users to the usual processes reflected in AX. This is also a key feature of dox42 – with the additional benefit being that the dox42 reports, in contrast to AX standard reports, can also be displayed rapidly, which increases efficiency levels in our work.

I have now been using dox42 AX for the past three months and am amazed by the options that this tool offers me. I am therefore delighted to act as a reference customer for this tool. 

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CCL Label GmbH
Gerald Krall

Gerald Krall

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