"With dox42 we have found a perfect solution for the automated creation of documents"

Bolta Werke develops and produces surface refined components for the automotive industry. This includes radiator grilles and mouldings as well as type marks and brand seals for premium brands from automobile manufacturers.

Fortunately, digitalization is also advancing in our highly specialized industry. With dox42 we have found a perfect solution for the automated creation of documents - partially because the software product can be easily integrated into workflows. We currently use dox42 to generate documents from SharePoint.

A good example of this is the issuing of visitor badges, which thanks to dox42 can be generated automatically and simply printed out on the printer from a standard program. This ensures user-friendly handling and a professional external appearance. We have also had the best experience with dox42 with the digital report books of our trainees.

Further projects with dox42 are planned in the future: For example, extensive offers created in SharePoint, corresponding to our high degree of specialization, should be automatically generated by dox42 as well structured documents.

We are already looking forward to further cooperation with the committed dox42 team!

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Dieter Skorzus

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