Generate documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CE) and CRM

Design your document templates in Microsoft Office

Erstellen Sie Ihre Templates mit dem dox42 Add-In in MS Word, Excel und PowerPoint

Design your document templates with the dox42 Office Add-ins (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) in Microsoft Office fast and easy. You can start from scratch or with existing documents. The drag & drop functionality allows you to insert the dox42 data fields flexibly on the desired position in the document and the layout is done with the familiar MS Office functionalities. You are designing complex templates? The set-up and integration of conditions, repeated sections, dynamic tables, bar codes, calculations, images, text blocks, sub documents from different sources, or others is done effortlessly.  

Fast access to Dynamics 365 data without programming 

This picture indicates fast access to Dynamics 365 data without programming

With the dox42 datamap designer you can integrate your data sources without programing. The Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement (CE)/Dynamics CRM data source allows a direct connection to your standard and custom entities of all your Dynamics 365 apps.

Combination of various data sources 

This pictures shows the logos of the various data sources to show that with dox42 the combination of various data sources is possible

Take advantage of the possibility to integrate multiple data sources into your documents. dox42 automatically manages the dependencies between all data. Realize the full potential of dox42 by combining various data sources (D365 FO, D365 BC, SharePoint, Database, WebService, Excel, XML/JSON, SAP or Custom).

Multiple Datasources CRM CE

Flexible Output Options

This picture indicates flexible output options.

Generate your documents individually or in batch as Word, PDF, PDF/A, PDF Forms, Excel PowerPoint, etc… files. Save your documents including metadata to SharePoint (Online or OnPremise), as attachment to a Dynamics CRM entity or store them in your document management or archiving system. The possibilities of printing, adding electronic signatures, sending your D365 documents via email or creating .msg files are just a few more of the further dox42 output options.

Pure cloud, hybrid or on premise? You decide!

dox42 Online and dox42 Server logos on this picture show that dox42 is available pure cloud, hybrid or on premise.

When generating, dox42 runs the defined query and automatically integrates the data into your documents. It's up to you, how to generate your document. Use the same template to generate on the dox42 Server or directly from the dox42 Add-Ins. With dox42 Online all dox42 Server functionalities are available as Software As a Service. It enables you to generate your Dynamics 365 documents in a pure cloud scenario! The authentication is done via Azure Active Directory and you can manage your templates conveniently in SharePoint Online.

Generation from all systems or workflows

Generate documents from all systems or workflows

The dox42 Server can integrate the documents fully automatically into your processes. The call is made via a web service interface with REST and SOAP. This flexible interface allows you to call dox42 documents from any application, and thus independently of Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement or CRM, for example in Microsoft Teams. dox42 can also be integrated flexibly with any workflow solution, e.g. FireStart, Microsoft Flow, K2, nintex or others.

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"dox42 is the preferred document generation tool of the Dynamics community" – Raz Dynamics, President of D365 Dynamics Saturdays, Microsoft MVP

dox42 D365 CE | Customer Enagement Success Story

"Visual Identity – Corporate standards implemented efficiently and easily with dox42"

Marc Rieger von ABB

Marc Rieger 

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At a glance

  • Design Dynamics 365 document templates easily in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint
  • Integrate data of all your Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement Apps and Dynamics CRM into your documents
  • Combine various data sources (Dynamics F&O, SharePoint, NAV/BC, Database, WebService, Excel, XML/JSON, SAP or Custom) 
  • Realize on premise, hybrid or pure cloud scenarios

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Here's how it works...

The sample template "Sales Quote" shows you how to easily integrate data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM into your documents.