dox42 Word Add-In Design templates, automate Word

dox42 Word Add-In - Design templates, automate Word

Create Templates for generating Documents

A dox42 template is a regular Word document.
You can therefore start configuring templates with your already existing Word documents.

Design and automate intuitively

Insert dox42 controls into your template with the dox42 Word Add-In.
These controls contain the information for steering the automation and data integration of your document.

Configure your Template to access Data Sources

You can effortlessly connect to Databases, WebServices, Excel, XML/JSON and SharePoint. Also, dox42 can be extended with self-developed data sources to allow for access to proprietary systems.

Generate individually or in Bulk

Generate documents as single or mail merge documents (bulk letter) on the basis of a dox42 template. You can also automatically save als PDF or PDF/A.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • All Word versions from 2007 and newer

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