Automate Presentations with the dox42 PowerPoint Add-In

dox42 PowerPoint Add-In - Automate Presentations with the dox42 PowerPoint Add-In.

Create Presentation Templates

Automate your existing PowerPoint Presentations with dox42.

Design and automate intuitively

Insert dox42 controls into your presentation templates with the dox42 PowerPoint Add-In.
These controls contain the information to control the automation and data integration.

Configure your Template to access Data Sources

You can effortlessly connect to Databases, WebServices, Excel, XML/JSON, SAP, CRM, ERP or SharePoint. Using dox42 Excel data sources you can create dynamic charts or calculations. Also you can integrate other PowerPoint presentations, bar-codes or images.

Generate locally or from Server

You can generate each dox42 template on the server or locally. Using the server you can integrate dox42 document automation in any system.

System requirements:

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • All PowerPoint versions from 2007 and newer

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