dox42 Enterprise Add-In
Integrate data, generate documents, automate Office

dox42 Enterprise Add-In - Integrate data, generate documents, automate Office.

Benefit from the concentrated power

The dox42 Enterprise Add-In combines the dox42 Word Add-In, the dox42 Excel Add-In and the dox42 PowerPoint Add-In.

Create templates for generating documents

Work in Microsoft® Office as usual to draft your templates. Just go ahead and use your existing documents as the basis for your templates. Your employees who have to work in template design on regular basis will be enabled enormous. Additionally, due to the design in Microsoft® Office there is no need to calculate with additional training costs as the education system is traditionally based on Microsoft® Office. Evaluate our sample templates to see how easy office automation can be with dox42.

Configure your template to access data sources

You can effortlessly connect to Databases, WebServices, Excel, XML, SAP, CRM, NAV, AX and SharePoint. Also, dox42 can be extended with self-developed data sources to allow for access to proprietary systems.

Intuitive versioning of your templates

Due to the usage of the standard functionality from Microsoft® Office you can use the normally applied process of versioning of your templates. It doesn't matter if you are saving your templates manually or automatically in a defined path – dox42 supports both ways.

Generate individually or in bulk

Generate all your documents as single or mail merge documents (bulk letter) on the basis of a dox42 template. You can also automatically save as PDF or PDF/A.

dox42 Word Add-In dox42 Excel Add-In

System requirements:

  • Windows 7 and newer
  • All Excel/Word versions from 2007 and newer

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