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All details you need to configure and install the dox42 Server, to set-up and use dox42 in your systems,
such as D365, SharePoint, Power Automate and many others.

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dox42 Enterprise Add-In

dox42 Enterprise Add-In

dox42 Server Documentation

dox42 Server Documentation D365BC;Dynamics365BC;Dyn365BC;Dynamics 365 BC;Business Central;BC;D365CE;Dynamics365CE;Dyn365CE;Dynamics 365 CE;Customer Engagement;CE;D365FO;Dynamics365FO;Dyn365FO;Dynamics 365 FO;FinOps;Finance and Operations;FO;F&O;SP;;

SharePoint Documentation

SharePoint Documentation SP;;

dox42 D365 CE | CRM Documentation

dox42 D365 CE | CRM Documentation D365CE;Dynamics365CE;Dyn365CE;Dynamics 365 CE;Customer Engagement;CE;

dox42 D365 FO Documentation

dox42 D365 FO Documentation D365FO;Dynamics365FO;Dyn365FO;Dynamics 365 FO;FinOps;Finance and Operations;FO;F&O;

dox42 D365 BC Online Documentation

dox42 D365 BC Online Documentation D365BC;Dynamics365BC;Dyn365BC;Dynamics 365 BC;Business Central;BC;

dox42 AX Documentation

dox42 AX Documentation D365FO;Dynamics365FO;Dyn365FO;Dynamics 365 FO;FinOps;Finance and Operations;FO;F&O;

dox42 Power Automate Connector Documentation

dox42 Power Automate Connector Documentation D365CE;Dynamics365CE;Dyn365CE;Dynamics 365 CE;Customer Engagement;CE;SP;;


These Frequently Asked Questions offer an answer to your questions.
The FAQs are divided into categories “Introduction”, “Features and Program”, “Installation and Server” and “License and Buying”.


dox42 can be easily integrated into multiple workflows. Customers use SharePoint workflows as well as Nintex Workflow, where the dox42 Server can be easily integrated. Find more information on the workflow integration, download the dox42 NINTEX Workflow Actions and find a step-by-step integration guide!

The average training period for people that have profound knowledge of Office products is about one day. Then you are well-prepared for designing and generating your own documents. In order to have an ideal start we recommend working with our sample templates first, which are free of charge. Those templates demonstrate real-life application scenarios and can be downloaded and opened with dox42 Add-Ins immediately.

The dox42 Server needs to access the data of your application. In order to do this, dox42 Data Sources offer various possibilities. Then, only the connection to your dox42 Server (Standard SOAP/REST WebService) has to be realized.

Both alternatives are possible. Training courses and support for your projects are offered by the dox42 partners.

Once you have installed dox42, the dox42 Add-Ins are automatically integrated into your MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The dox42 Server is accessible via REST and SOAP WebService.

dox42 Add-Ins are comparable to Microsoft Excel. The usability is intuitive and simple documents can be generated in no time. However, dox42 offers a lot of further possibilities.

Features and Program

Create a chart in Microsoft Excel (of course you can also use an existing file). Then simply select this Excel file as Data Source and by Initializing Excel Data you can integrate data in your Excel. Then dox42 automatically fills your chart with current data. In the next step you simply integrate those charts in a Microsoft Word document by using the Type ‘Image’. For further information on this, please have a look at the sample templates "Sales Report" and "Health Report".

Yes, you can define Conditions for a selected range using the dialog “Automate Range”. You can use the operators =, >, <, <> and the logical connectors and, or, not.

Both options are possible. If you select ‘Link absolute Path’, then the Data Map is linked to your document absolutely. This means that the whole path is saved. However, if you select ‘Data Map and Document in same Directory’, then the Data Map will be linked to your document relatively.

Yes, it is even possible to integrate a dox42-document in another dox42-document. This enables you to create reusable modules (text blocks).

No, the dox42 Server is able to generate documents directly as PDF and PDF/A.

With the Data Map you define the Data Sources you need for your template. By doing so, you can even interlink different Data Sources with each other. You can define Input Parameters, filter, sort and build Dynamic Fields. What is more, you can define Bulk Letters with the Data Map. The saved Data Map is then automatically linked to your document.

Define the required Type for the selected Data Field in the dropdown in the Data Field Explorer.

The Connectionstring links your document to your database.

Every range of a document can be inserted repeatedly. To do so please insert an "automated range" in the first line of a table and repeat for the data source you want. Additionally you can also insert a condition for the data to be repeated. Tables can also include nested regions that dox42 will solve automatically based on your datamap.

Yes, by using the button ‘Bulk Letter’ in the Data Map designer. There you can also define the location, the file name as well as the type (.docx, .pdf, .pptx, .tiff and many more) of your bulk documents. For further information have a look at the Sample Template "School Report".

Yes, just select the Type ‘PDF’ for this Data Field.

You can embed those fonts in your document. To do this, just check: Options > Save > Checkbox ‘Embed fonts’ in Microsoft Word.

No, an Excel Data Source is independent of the dox42 Excel Add-In. Consequently, you can easily integrate existing charts, analysis and calculations in your Word report – without the need of an dox42 Excel Add-In. The dox42 Excel Add-In is only required for generating Excel documents.

Yes, you can define all Data Fields in the field ‘Type’ in the dialog ‘dox42 Data Fields’ – also pictures. What is more, you can scale them smaller and bigger and turn them in the field ‘Dimension’ (Width, Length, Rotation), define the path absolutely or relatively and regulate the quality. For further information have a look at the Sample Templates "Sales Report" and especially at the Data Field ‘Flag’.

The dox42 Server is able to send documents by Mail, create HTML-Mails and read out documents from SharePoint. What is more, dox42 also makes it possible to save generated documents automatically to SharePoint.

Defining an Input Parameter enables you to read certain values before you generate your documents (such as customer ID, etc.). Then your Data Source uses those values as Query Parameters.

Yes, dox42 offers Plug-In interfaces to develop and integrate your own Data Sources and own Output-Actions as .NET Assembly.

Yes, dox42 as WebService is available for access from .NET as well as from Java.

Installation and Server

No, the Server does not require a Microsoft Office installation.

The dox42 Server installation takes about one hour. Then the Server is fully operational, activated and ready for use.

Please find the documentation for installation here.

dox42 is compatible with all Office versions as of 2007 and all Windows versions as of Windows XP (32 or 64 Bit).

Yes, just indicate during your activation that you would like to use the license per person and not per computer.

No, you can also generate all the documents using a dox42 Add-In. You need the Server if you would like to integrate the dox42 document generation in an application or a workflow.

License and Buying

No, no further costs will occur by generating documents after you have bought your dox42 Add-In or a dox42 Server.

The dox42 Add-Ins are separate products and enable to design documents templates and data integration. By contrast, the dox42 Server is intended for an automatic document generation for a substantial number of users which do not have to modify the document templates.

Using the Add-Ins enables you to create your own document templates and generate them. By contrast, the dox42 Server is used for generating documents out of an application or workflow that can be used by any number of end-users. What is more, neither an Add-In nor any additional installation is required. However, users cannot modify templates.

The prices for all dox42 products are one-time prices. You do not have to pay the price monthly or per document.

Yes, the dox42 Server works perfectly on a virtual machine.

The dox42 free program makes it possible to try the full version of the dox42 Add-Ins 30 days completely free of charge. Just click here and request your personal Free Key!

Except for the Software Assurance (20% of all dox42 Server license costs), no running costs occur.

A solution using the dox42 Server can be used by any number of end-users.

For each developer creating a solution using the dox42 Server Service interfaces a dox42 Server Access Package is required.

With the dox42 Server Software Assurance you receive all Updates and Hotfixes as well as Support for one year. The fee is 20% of your dox42 Server license costs and is automatically renewed for 12 months every year from the order date. If you do not want to renew your Software Assurance, you can cancel it 6 weeks prior to extension in written form.

dox42 will inform you about Updates and Releases in its Newsletter. There you can also find helpful Tips & Tricks and information around dox42. Register for the dox42 News Update!

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Years-long experience in the field of document automation and document generation
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Document Automation with dox42


Document Automation with dox42 D365BC;Dynamics365BC;Dyn365BC;Dynamics 365 BC;Business Central;BC;D365CE;Dynamics365CE;Dyn365CE;Dynamics 365 CE;Customer Engagement;CE;D365FO;Dynamics365FO;Dyn365FO;Dynamics 365 FO;FinOps;Finance and Operations;FO;F&O;SP;;

My first dox42 document


My first dox42 document

#dox42class of the Word Add-In: from Zero to Hero with dox42


#dox42class of the Word Add-In: from Zero to Hero with dox42

#dox42class of the brand-new dox42 SharePoint Online App


#dox42class of the brand-new dox42 SharePoint Online App SP;;

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