dox42 Modules

dox42 Enterprise Add-Ins

With the dox42 Office Add-Ins you can design your dox42 templates, using your already existing Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents.

  • Configure access to various data sources
  • Use text modules and conditions
  • Design your templates with dynamic charts, tables, barcodes and image

The dox42 Enterprise Add-In consists of the dox42 Word Add-In, the dox42 Excel Add-In and the dox42 PowerPoint Add-In.

dox42 Server

The dox42 Server uses dox42 templates to generate documents in any format automatically.
Integrate the dox42 Server seamlessly into your websites, applications, electronic forms, CRM-systems or workflows. Automate your Output Management without constraints, as the dox42 Server is working for:

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Document
  • Unlimited Channels

dox42 SAP
The Enterprise Module dox42SAP enables fast and easy access to SAP data, additionally to the already predefined data sources.

  • Call RFC/BAPI-blocks
  • Read tables

dox42 D365 CE | CRM

With the Enterprise Module dox42 Dynamics CRM | Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement you can access and integrate data from MS Dynamics CRM | Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement online, hybrid and on-premise into your documents easily - additionally to the already predefined data sources.

dox42 D365 FO | AX

The enterprise modules dox42 for Finance and Operations and dox42 AX enable fast and unomplicated access to data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX, additionally to already provided data sources - seamlessly integrated in MS Dynamics AX and MS Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

dox42 D365 BC | NAV

Create wonderful documents for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | NAV directly in Microsoft Office. With the dox42 Office Add-Ins you can use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for intuitive and smooth document design by directly accessing data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC | NAV and many other data sources like SQL, Excel, SharePoint, Office 365 as well as other ERP systems.

dox42 LIVE

Using dox42 LIVE, you can generate documents automatically in your browser on your smartphone, tablet and on your PC at any time and everywhere. You can generate your documents 24/7, create PowerPoint presentations directly from your tablet or smartphone, and update your latest analyses in Excel – with full data integration of all dox42 data sources.

dox42 Online

dox42 Online offers all dox42 Server Functions as Software as a Service – pure cloud. Perfect for Integrating with Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Forget all the Server Installations, Updates and Patches. Your dox42 Server waits for you only a few mouse clicks away. 

dox42 Docusign

The dox42 DocuSign Action is a dox42 Custom Output Action for dox42 Server and enables you to send an automatically generated document via DocuSign for digital signature in just one step. Thus you can automate the whole process of document generation and digital transaction in an easy and flexible way.

dox42 SharePoint

Take your Microsoft SharePoint automation to the next level – with dox42 document generation.

Design document templates in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and generate customer-centric documents like offers, contracts, invoices, presentations and many more automatically and directly from Microsoft SharePoint.

dox42 for d.velop documents

Benefit from the full power of dox42 automation in d.velop documents.

Automate your document management with the dox42 App for d.velop documents and generate individualized documents such as offers, contracts, inspection or service reports, presentations and many more direcly in your d.velop documents system.