#dox42class of Visualizer, AAD Login & dynamic bookmarks (V4.3)

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dox42 Version 4.3 is out now – and with it come many new features such as the dox42 visualizer, the AAD login and dynamic bookmarks.

Enhance the dox42 usability even further with our brand new visualizer: Customize your data sources with their own icons and field colors, hide certain data sources from the data field explorer or show them in hierarchies!

Good news also for Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) Users: Configure your AAD Login within the dox42 add-in to automatically download your templates and data maps from SharePoint Online – no further credentials needed! And if you are working with multiple tenants, the new “Always Asks” functionality allows you to easily switch between your accounts. Also, there’s now the possibility to add dynamic bookmarks to your dox42 templates.

In this #dox42class we will guide you through all these new features, why and how to use them and share our best practices with you.

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Lisa Pulsinger dox42 Peter Wendlinger dox42

Lisa Pulsinger  
Business Technology Evangelist

Peter Wendlinger


dox42 class of Visualizer

#dox42class of Visualizer, AAD Login & dynamic bookmarks (V4.3)



March 31, 2020


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