#dox42class of PowerPoint Add-In: from Zero to Hero with dox42


In this session Lisa will lead you through the dox42 presentation template design process in Microsoft PowerPoint, starting from scratch.

You will learn

  • how to install/update your dox42 PowerPoint Add-In
  • how to create a new presentation template and datamap from scratch
  • how to add input parameters, filters, conditions, images and barcodes

This class is perfect for dox42 beginners and those who want to become dox42 professionals. During this session, Lisa will reveal as many secrets and best practices possible! Be excited and join our dox42 class!

Your speaker:

Lisa Pulsinger dox42

Lisa Pulsinger  
Business Technology Evangelist


dox42class of PowerPoint Add-In

#dox42class of PowerPoint Add-In: from Zero to Hero with dox42


11:00-11:30 Uhr 

3.Juni 2020


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