"Individual Sales Enabling via Intranet @ voestalpine"
dox42 at the SharePoint@Enterprise 2016

Meet dox42 CEO Christian Bauer and Mareike Felhofer (voestalpine) at their presentation titled 'Individual Sales Enabling @ voestalpine'

The voestalpine group is a steel-based concern in the sector of technology and industrial goods with 47,500 employees in 50 countries around the world. The Intranet (basing on Microsoft SharePoint 2013) is the central medium of their employee and management communication across the group, and mainly used for communication, collaboration and networking. Mareike Felhofer gives an example on “Corporate Product Information” and shows how an individual Sales Enabling can be realized.

The sales employees of voestalpine are able to generate individual PowerPoint presentations for their customers at the push of a button – directly from the product information maintained in their Intranet. The templates are designed intuitively and centrally using dox42, and adapted to the design of the trademark voestalpine. How you can profit from document creation with dox42 and the integration in SharePoint, MatchPoint, SAP, MS Dynamics and many more systems will be shown by dox42 CEO Christian Bauer.

Your Speakers:

Mareike Felhofer voestalpine Christian Bauer dox42
Mareike Felhofer
Group Communications
Christian Bauer
CEO | Software Architect

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When: June 15th

Where: Zurich