Have a bot doing all the work with SharePoint, SAP and MS Flow

Webinar with dox42 and Theobald Software

Learn how to use MS Bot Framework to communicate to a SAP System - just as you would chat with a friend. A quite powerful friend, as we will have the bot trigger an MS Flow Workflow and transfer data from SAP to SharePoint Online by ERPConnect Services from Theobald Software. On top of that the bot starts dox42 to create a PDF Sales Order that integrates data from SharePoint and SAP and sends it off via mail to a happy customer. See a live demo of a no code solution that combines the coolest up-to-date technologies, get a look under the hood and learn how you can build powerful solutions by yourself.

Your presenters:

Christian Bauer dox42 Christian Tauchmann Theobald Software

Christian Bauer
dox42 GmbH

Christian Tauchmann
Theobald Software


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October 25th 2017 | 2:00 PM CEST