Intuitive document creation with dox42 seamlessly integrated in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a high-performance, comprehensive and modern ERP system which is easy to use and flexible in terms of its deployment. According to Forrester Research, Microsoft Dynamics AX is also the most inexpensive ERP solution offered by Tier 1 providers.
In the course of day-to-day business, users generate numerous different reports using Microsoft Dynamics AX – so-called forms (such as invoices, for example), labels and above all various overviews, lists and analyses.

Microsoft Dynamics AX primarily relies for this on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. Depending on the report in question, it is often not easy for users to prepare them – in addition to an understanding of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, users also sometimes need an understanding of programming in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

dox42 enables users to individually and intuitively design new or redesign existing reports in Microsoft Office, making full use of data, the security features and the business logic of Microsoft Dynamics AX. These dox42-based reports can be accessed in the usual manner without changing processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX. dox42 therefore supplements the standard reporting tools of Microsoft Dynamics AX, adding a time-saving and cost-cutting way of designing reports.

Simon Klingler (Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH) and Christian Bauer (dox42 GmbH) will demonstrate how intuitive template design is possible with the aid of dox42 and its integration into Microsoft Dynamics AX. A live demonstration will give you an insight into the advantages of automated documentation using dox42 integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The webinar will be held by:

Simon Klingler Solutions Factory Christian Bauer dox42
Simon Klingler
Solution Architect
Christian Bauer
CEO | Software Architect

MS Dynamics AX Logo

When: 2016|03|08, 4pm-5pm CET

Where: Online

Language: English