Solutions Factory

Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH is a consulting firm that specializes in ERP implementation. A wide range of Microsoft products are used - especially Microsoft Dynamics AX, the latest, state-of-the-art ERP solution on the market. Using its innovative module dox42AX, it is possible to seamlessly integrate dox42 in Microsoft Dynamics AX. As a result, creating reports and documents in Microsoft Word and Excel using AX Business Logic is simplified, without the necessity to use report programming in AX! Various optional forms can be generated by the customer - in a simple and very efficient way. Furthermore, the customer can still access the documents directly in AX.

The Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH considers dox42 to be an ideal supplement to Microsoft Dynamics AX. Time and money can be saved due to the simple process of generating documents, its flexibility and the adaptability to customer needs.

For the Solutions Factory Consulting GmbH, implementing dox42 to Microsoft Dynamics AX in their ERP projects provides a significant competitive advantage and offers great benefits to its customers.