„...document output according to our desire
"[...]HDI Insurance generates and sends more than 150,000 documents a year fully automated withdox42- mainly insurance policies, personalized, precisely structured, and individually tailored to the customer’s needs.
The installation and testing ofdox42went smooth. Right afterwards, we simply connecteddox42to our system and were able to design the document output according to our desire. Therefore, we saw the high cost saving potential already in the pre-evaluation phase... [...]"
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dox42 Interview mit Ralf Hoppe von HDI Versicherung
Ralf Hoppe | Head of IT, HDI Insurance
Rent or Buy, from May on the choice is yours
dox42 Contact As an alternative to the Perpetual License we offer alldox42Server components also on a monthly rental Subscription, starting May 1st 2018. The usual Perpetual Licensing remains of course as well. Furthermore thedox42Server for Documents, Word Add-In and CRM pricing will be adapted on the 1st of May 2018 - for the first time since 2011. These components have grown tremendously in functionality and really have earned it.
The current price information can be requested here >>
dox42Spring Breaks
ESPC Webinar with dox42 Las Vegas dox42 at European Collaboration Summit 2018
Secure Document Generation in the Cloud withdox42and Azure AD
May 15 | ESPC Webinar
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SharePoint Conference Las Vegas mit FireStart unddox42
May 21-23 | Las Vegas
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dox42at European Collaboration Summit
May 28-30 | Mainz
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Spring Fever in CRM
With the latest version of dox42 Dynamics 365 CRM you can now impersonate users and store generated documents automatically in CRM as annotation directly to the appropriate object.
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dox42 CRM Update
dox42Tipps&Tricks: Generate Bulk Letters from SharePoint Lists
dox42 Beispielvorlage Finanzanlagevorschlag Sometimes you need more than just one personalized, automatically generated document. For this,dox42offers the function "Bulk Letter". With only one click, you can generate all your personalized documents. For example employee contracts, directly from your SharePoint. The generated documents are automactially saved in a SharePoint library, in PDF or DOCX format.Watch the video here >>
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